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      It has a rich, smooth, buttery-pecan, mouth-watering flavor that is one of a kind. 11oz/311g.


    It is a sweet-zesty jelly made with the freshest green bell peppers available. 11oz/312g.


    Preaches, green bell peppers and crushed red peppers come together for this flavorful pepper jelly.  11oz/311g.


    The Plum Perfect has a plum tartness and a green bell pepper zestiness. 11oz/312g.


    It's sweet, tangy, and delicious...and then right at the end of the experience, it kicks you...just a little! 11oz/311g.


    Hot peppers add some heat for a sweet and savory combination!


    Classic combination of sweet and heat. 13oz/368g.


    Sweet peaches and orange zest are combined with hot peppers for a sweet and spicy treat. 10.5oz/297g.


    Ripe raspberries get a jolt when blended with spicy red chili peppers. 11oz/311g.