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    Tomato based pasta sauce with fresh Portobello mushrooms and Italian spices and seasonings. 16oz.


    A tomato based gourmet pasta sauce flavored with lots of roasted garlic and Italian spices and seasonings! 16oz.


    100% Whole Wheat Classic Linguini.


    Flavorful roasted garlic and basil, durum wheat semolina pasta.


    This pasta is a combination of spinach angel hair, garlic angel hair, and sun-dried tomato angel hair. With olive oil. Serves 6 people.


    Made from the finest and freshest basil, oils, parmesan cheese, walnuts, pine nuts and not much else. 8oz/227g.


    The wholesome goodness of this simple bruschetta is created with fresh tomatoes and flavorful enhancing herbs. 8oz/227g.